Nutritional Cooking

Welcome to our creative outlet and our happy space! We met years ago working for a local business. Together we have opened and operated a wonderful bar in Fountain Square. With the curve balls of 2020, the food industry is changing so rapidly. However, with time during quarantine to get creative, it allowed us to see things in a different light. Our love for food and community is what brought Indy Urban Foodies to life. With an emphasis on education, shared experiences, and finding joy in the little things, these virtual cooking classes include it all.

Bridget Horan is a highly skilled chef in Indianapolis. She has a love for being creative and putting together masterpieces! Bridget has worked for many different industries within the hospitality world, including working and managing in restaurants, decorating and creating pastries in bakeries, high end catering, and creating menus for Fine Dining. Growing up with parents who were educators has always inspired Bridget to continue learning throughout her career and teaching others comes naturally to her. In her free time Bridget loves to read, watch musicals, snuggle with Lila, her golden doodle, and enjoy the local food and beverage scene. 

Dani Campbell is a jack of trades; with a background in Social Work, Youth Ministry and Bar/Restaurant Management, she has gained a wealth of knowledge over the years. Community has always been a part of her career but she realized that she thrives on helping the humans around her. She is especially passionate about finding ways to connect people by helping them grow and find joy within themselves and their community. In her free time, Dani enjoys cooking, playing with her dogs Ditka and Swayze, enjoying time with her husband, Brandon and reading! 

Indy Urban Foodies is a female owned and operated business that brings professional cooking to your kitchen. We provide guidance from our amazing Chef as you learn to cook to your own meal. Perfect for date nights, team building, and family functions all from your own kitchen. Our mission is help you be more confident in your kitchen as we create fun experiences for you and your family/friends. 

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We can't wait to cook with you! 


Bridget and Dani