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Top 10 Kitchen Utensils

When it comes to your kitchen, we believe there are 10 must have tools each chef should have. These are not in any order because they are all important on your cooking journey. Hope you find this helpful! Need to order one of the items? Check out our list on Amazon.

#1. Wooden Spoon

The wooden spoon is the most used item in our kitchen. It reaches the corners like a spatula can, it has a higher heat resistance than plastic but unlike the popular metal spoons it will not break down pans or burn your hands!

#2. Silicone Whisk

Simple to use and easy to clean. This utensil gets used for creating all kinds of tasty meals. Whisks....not just for baking!

#3. Kitchen Scissors

Literally the most used item in my kitchen....they are so handy and perfect when you need something opened or to do a quick cut. Unlike regular scissors....please wash after each use!

#4. Silicone Spatula

This little guy is so helpful when cooking, it ensures you can get all of your batter, cream sauce, etc from point A to point B without much waste. The silicone helps with flexiblity and keeping great care of your pots/pans/bowls too!

#5. Cutting Board

I love my butcher block cutting board. I use it daily for things big or small. It is super easy to clean, just wipe down with warm water and soap! I also have a smaller plastic cutting board that is red that I use for cutting meats (it is dishwasher safe). We highly recommend a cutting board to ensure safety while cooking in your kitchen!

#6. Knives...Chef and Paring

Knives, you know the sharp pointy things. The most important two knives are a Chef Knife (for meats, larger veggies, epic chopping parties, really all the things) and a paring knife (best used for fruits/veggies/herbs).

#7 . Deep Measuring Spoons and Cups

We love the cute measuring spoons and cups, but the deep stainless steel ones are our favorites. Easy to clean and simple to store!

#8. Slotted Spoon

Perfect for all the sauces, pastas, etc. The slotts in the spoon allow for liquids to pass through while keeping solids intact.

#9. Glass measuring bowl

When your measuring cups just won't do or you need a wonderful place to hold all of your measurements too! I use my glass measuring bowl for both measuring and as a mixing bowl of dry ingredients when baking, or a quick place to make a marinade or sauce since it is so easy to pour from. Super versatile.

#10. Corkscrew/Bottle Opener

Let's be honest...this might be the most important. Who doesn't love a great beverage when cooking?

Other frequently used items:

  • A good set of pots and pans--Review of my new ones soon!

  • A can opener

  • A vegetable peeler

  • Zester

  • Cheese Grater

Be sure to take photos of your top kitchen essentials and tag us in it!

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