Saving Herbs!

Herbs are one of our favorite ways to add some flavor to our meals. We love using fresh herbs, but we hardly use all of the bunch we get from the store. So we wanted to share with you how we make those herbs last.

There are a few different ways to keep herbs. For starters you can keep them fresh or dry them out on your own. Yes, just like the ones you bye at the grocery store in the spice aisle! How exciting!

If you want to keep them fresh you have three options:

  1. Pick the leaves off of the stem and freeze them.

  2. Pureé them.

  3. Turn them into cubes.

If you want to dry them out, these are our two favorite options.

  1. Dry them in the oven.

  2. Tie them up and hang upside down to dry (usually takes a few weeks).

Here is Bridget to explain just how to save those herbs.