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Pizza is for Lovers

January 1 is our wedding anniversary. A new year is always exciting and I love that we get to start the new year off thinking about our marriage and how our relationship has grown over the years. We are not grandiose people. Our typical anniversaries include a nice sushi dinner and some drinks. We don't typically give big gifts, but we pick something to do together during the year. This year, COVID made the plans. I ended up testing positive for this novel viral infection that has been rocking our world on New Years Eve. So all plans were halted. Luckily, my symptoms were mild....I honestly would not want to think about how it would have been if I was not vaccinated. THANK YOU SCIENCE!

So instead of our fancy dinner, we made pizza at home and it was perfect! The dough is simple and delicious. We used homemade marinara sauce from the freezer. I had a day of jarring before summer ended to get the most out of my tomatoes from my garden. My sauce was a little runnier, as it was made with fresh produce so for the pizza sauce I did add in some tomato paste to thicken it up. IT IS AMAZING! I will be sure to share my fresh produce recipe this summer.

I won't make you read much more, the recipes for both a homemade marinara (photo added so you can see how the recipes look) and the pizza dough are below. I have included downloads of both, so you can easily add them to your recipes and find them quickly next time. If your marinara is too thin for your liking you can easily add some tomato paste to provide some thickness.

Try them out! Let me know what you think!



Pizza Dough & More
Download PDF • 1.36MB

Marinara Sauce
Download PDF • 767KB

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