• Dani Campbell

New Year, New Adventures

Indy Urban Foodies originally started in 2020, where we host virtual cooking classes. At the time, this was exactly what we needed to survive the beginning of the pandemic and find joy again. As time passed, we have changed and evolved. My love for gardening grew, so many house projects were completed (both big and small), and the enchantment of Indianapolis and all of it's amazing places and people began to become the focus.

So here we are kicking off 2022, two years since the world as we knew it changed completely & Indy Urban Foodies is excited for it's next adventure. There will still be some virtual cooking classes sprinkled in, with new recipes, posts about life in Indy (honestly, nothing is off limits for me) and it's amazing community. I will share some local spots we love to go to as well as some local artisans doing big things in our Circle City, who make some of the best products ever! So here we go, are you ready for the tea? Yes, I said tea. Because we are going to be spilling new info for you here.....



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