Mocktail Mondays

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

We partnered with @circlebev to create delicious Mocktails that you can use all year long! This blog will be updated each Monday to reflect all the creations we are making. Need to order some Circle Bev Kombucha? Check out their website to see where you can pick some up.

Mocktail Mule is our first beverage this holiday season. It is modeled after the fan favorite, Moscow Mule. All mocktails are alcohol free and of course, the recipe is easily accessible.

One of our favorite brunch cocktails is a Bloody Mary, so obviously it was high on our list to turn into a delicious mocktail. I even served this to my brother without him knowing it was a mocktail, it was gone before I could tell him there was actually no alcohol in it. Hope you all enjoy it as much as we did..introducing our Boozeless Bloody Mary!

Want some extra spice? Add some cracked black pepper or a dash of hot sauce. Cheers!

We were so excited when we got to test out some new products for our friends at @circlebev. Their Kombucha line is amazing so we could not wait to taste their Sparkling Protein line. Guys, these sparkling beverages are not only absolutely delicious, they are PACKED with protein. You can drink a slim can of Sparkling water and get 20g of protein to help fuel your body! These are perfect after a workout class, paired with a salad for lunch and obviously as a mocktail.

Since we love the holiday season so much, we decided to bring the holiday spirit to the Lemon Mint Sparkling Protein. We added in some berries after the photo session for a little sweetness. Enjoy the recipe and be sure to check out their line of Sparkling Proteins!

December is all about those Sparkling Proteins, so today our Mocktail Mondy is bringing some much needed Holiday Cheer!

This week our Mocktail is the perfect balance between the colder weather and wishing you were on a beach somewhere. With holiday flavors, the watermelon shines through just enough! Enjoy!

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