Homemade Marinara

When we started this journey, I was that annoying kid at the store that pointed at everything and had questions...."Can we make this?" "Ohh...what about this?" "Is this easy to make?" Bridget (our wonderfully, radically talented Chef) would laugh and say "Yupp!"

Marinara was one of those things for me that always seemed so intense. But when I was looking at the stores, most containers had lots of sugar and additives that I could not pronounce. I am a big label reader, if I do not know what is in the product chances of me buying it are pretty slim. The idea of making marinara from scratch was super exciting!

This Thursday (10/15) we are making a Veggie Lasagna for dinner in our class, so we wanted to be sure to share this before then. We love encouraging others to step out of their kitchen comfort zones and try something new. Obviously, this is not a requirement for the class just a fun extra! So if you haven't signed up yet and you want to, you can sign up here!

So, here we go....the journey! Feel free to follow along or just use the recipe card at your leisure!


Bridget & Dani