• Dani Campbell

From Awkward Closet to Pantry

When we first moved in our house five years ago, we had list of projects we wanted to complete. This project was never on our list, however once I thought about it I knew I had to do it. We had a little closet on the side of our kitchen that kind of just held the things, ya know. We stored some cleaning stuff, our broom, and our collection of plastic bags in that closet. It was never pretty, it was just kinda there.

One day I was looking at all the beautiful closet spaces on Pinterest, when I decided that closet could easily be updated! So I got on Amazon and ordered some glass containers for storage, some small jars and labels for spices, and went off to Lowes. We already had two shelves in our cabinet so I knew it would not be hard to add a few others. I got the wood needed, trim and 1x6x6 treated lumber. While walking the aisles of Lowe's feeling wildly accomplished, I walked past some wallpaper. Yes, wallpaper. I knew I had to put some in my closet, but choosing which one was so hard. I ended up getting a White Vinyl Textured Wood peel and stick Wallpaper from Scott Living. I got some wallpaper tools, like this NuWallpaper Application Kit.

When I got home I was ready to go and of course, Brandon got out of the way but also stayed close by in case I made a mistake. To be honest, I am sure I terrify him when I get these ideas and just go. I like to figure it out as I go, Brandon is much more planned. I cleaned out the closet and wiped it down all the walls, baseboards etc. I am a HUGE fan of @gocleango on Instagram, so I used their Tide powder and bleach mixture. Once it was all wiped down, I was sure to measure the length of the shelves that we needed. We just used a regular saw and cut to length. We also cut the trim. We used the trim to hold up the shelves and secured the trim to the back of the closet and the sides, this provided edges for the shelf to rest on. We installed the trim and then painted it all white, as well as painted the baseboards so it all looked brand new.

Next up was the wallpaper. I was excited and terrified. I started at the top and measured out how much wallpaper was needed, then I used the Exactoknife in the wallpaper kit to cut it. I peeled the top left corner of the wallpaper off of the backing and stuck it to the wall. Using the smoothing tool, I slowly continue to peel off the backing and smooth out the wallpaper. To be honest, it was WAY easier than I was expecting and it was pretty quick. Until, the bottom. The pattern on this wallpaper is 5 boards, so nearing the bottom I did have to piece together the next section almost piece by piece, but the tools made it easy to cut what I needed out.

Once the wall paper was up, I was PUMPED! I quickly but in each shelf and started planning what I wanted it to hold. I knew I wanted my pantry baking essentials in the pantry as well as all of my spices. So I unboxed the new glass containers I purchased and cleaned them all. I then got to filing up all of my jars with: Flour, Whole Wheat Flour, Oatmeal, Brown Sugar, Powdered Sugar, Sugar, Mesaca. Next up, all of the spices! I filled all my new containers and labelled them. To be honest, these new containers make the space look so clean! Well worth the money in my opinion.

Okay, so here is how it all turned out! If you are thinking of some areas to upgrade, I highly recommend it. I will admit, it did take a little more time than I thought and I would recommend cleaning all new containers before starting. I did waste lots of time drying or waiting for things to dry. But I do love this pantry and use it daily!

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