• Dani Campbell

Campbell Puppy Treats

Cooking and taking care of people/dogs is my love language. I can be rather awkward at times, so instead of babbling (which I can do all too well), I like to do anything to be helpful. If we are hosting, that means I am in my kitchen mostly. Being in the kitchen is my safe space, a place where I can create and play. I tend to lean more towards cooking, as I feel there is a little more wiggle room for creativity. Baking on the other hand, is an art of precision to me, so following a recipe is key. When it comes to socializing, I tend to always address the dog before the person too. So making puppy treats just seems so natural and right.

After researching dog treats, I felt like making them at home was the best option. Have you read some of the ingredients in the store bought stuff? I honestly had no idea what half of the ingredients were, so I learned new things. Through some trial and error, I have landed on my go to recipe when treating my boys. It includes ingredients that are healthy for their skin, eyes, and gut. Bonus: they don't smell like an off meat product!

This recipe does make a lot, so I tend to gift lots to neighbors and friends whenever I make them as a way to share the love. You can also freeze them and take a few out each week to share with your best puppy pal.

Ditka and Swayze both highly approve and hope your pups do too!

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