About Me

Welcome to my creative outlet and my happy space! I have been in & out of the food industry for years, but something about it always has my heart. My love for food and community is what brought Indy Urban Foodies to life. With an emphasis on education, shared experiences, and finding joy in the little things, this is a space for all!

HI, my name is Dani Campbell. I grew up in NWI, yes the region, and traveled way down south to Evansville for college at University of Southern Indiana. My husband, Brandon, and our two boys, Ditka and Swayze,and I now live right in the middle of our home state. We love Indianapolis and all this city has to offer. I love eating delicious foods, supporting local businesses, creating in my kitchen, and growing my own veggies. My goal is that this becomes a community for all to learn, explore, and support our amazing city and all the talent we have here in Indy. I will be sharing some recipes, gardening tips & tricks, and some of my favorite spots in Indy. 

I am hopeful I will be able to host some at home (aka virtual) cooking classes to share with your friends and family too!